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50 Cent is an American rapper, entrepreneur, & actor known for “In Da Club”, “Candy Shop”, “Baby By Me”, “Power” (film), “Best Friend”, etc.

50 Cent Biography

50 Cent (born Curtis James Jackson III) is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and actor known for many songs, such as “In Da Club”, “Candy Shop”, “Baby By Me”, “P.I.M.P”, “Best Friend”, etc. His face is also familiar in many TV shows and films.

50 Cent Age

James Jackson was born on July 6, 1975, in Queens, South Jamaica, New York, United States. He is 47 years old as of 2023. He celebrates his birthday on the 6th of July every year.

50 Cent Height

James Jackson stands at an approximate height of 6 feet and 0 inches.

50 Cent Family

James Jackson was born to his loving parents, Sabrina Jackson (late mother) and his father whose names are unknown. He grew up in South Jamaica. He has no siblings.

50 Cent Mother

50 Cent’s mother, Sabrina Jackson, was an American drug dealer. She died in the year 1983 when 50 Cent was 8 years old. According to an interview with 50 Cent, his mother passed away in a fire at their home. It was revealed that someone had tampered with her drink and intentionally turned on the gas, causing the fire. Additionally, 50 Cent shared that his mother was a lesbian. After the tragic loss of his mother and his father leaving, 50 Cent was taken care of by his grandparents.

50 Cent Wife / Girlfriend

50 Cent is in a relationship with a woman called Jamira Haines (famously known as Cuban Link). However, there is no much information about the duo. There will be an update as soon as any information about them (their love life) is available in the limelight.

50 Cent
James Jackson AKA 50 Cent

50 Cent Ex-Girlfriends

James Jackson is speculated to have dated several women in his life. Notably, he has dated Daphne Joy (a famous actress and model) and Shaniqua Tompkins.

Daphne Joy

Daphne is a prominent Philipino Actress and Model well-known for appearing in many films such as Frankenhood (2009), Setup (2011), and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011). She is 36 years old as of 2023 having been born on February 8, 1987, in Olongapo, Philippines.

50 Cent Children

James Jackson and his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins are the parents of their one son, Marquise Jackson, who is 26 years old as of 2022 having been born on October 13, 1996. Also, he and his other ex-girlfriend, Daphne Joy, are the parents of their one son, Sire Jackson, a model.

Sire is 10 years old as of 2022 having been born on September 1, 2012. When Sire was 2 years old, he got a modeling contract at a headphone brand for kids called “Kidz Safe”, where he earned $700,000 through the contract.

50 Cent Controversy With Shaniqua Tompkins

In January 2007, James Jackson bought a house in New York for $2.4 million. This house became the center of a legal dispute between 50 Cent and his ex-girlfriend, Shaniqua Tompkins. On May 30, 2008, while 50 Cent was filming in Louisiana, the house caught fire. In a court in Los Angeles County on August 5, 2013, 50 Cent pleaded not guilty to one count of domestic violence and four counts of vandalism. If found guilty of all charges, he could have faced up to five years in prison and a $46,000 fine.

In 2009, Shaniqua Tompkins sued 50 Cent for $50 million. She claimed that he had promised to take care of her for the rest of her life. The lawsuit had 15 different reasons for taking legal action. However, a judge dismissed the case and referred to it as a sad story of a love relationship that went bad. The two of them have been arguing for many years, and they have even used social media to continue their feud.

When 50 Cent’s son, Marquise, was born, it changed his perspective on life. He realized that he wanted to have a better relationship with his son than he had with his own father. He credited his son with motivating him to change his career and go in a different direction. Despite this, their relationship became strained when 50 Cent and Tompkins separated in 2008.

Their arguments have played out on social media multiple times. In 2020, 50 Cent revealed that he used to love his son. He even has a tattoo on his right biceps with the name “Marquise” and an image of an axe. The axe represents his warrior spirit, but he doesn’t want his son to follow the same path. He also has other tattoos, including “50”, “Southside”, and “Cold World” on his back. These tattoos symbolize his past and the environment he grew up in, but he sees them as something that is now behind him.

50 Cent Controversy With Daphne Joy

Daphne Joy (his ex-girlfriend) accused James Jackson of kicking her and causing damage to her bedroom during an argument at her condominium in Los Angeles on June 23. The estimated property damage was $7,100, and 50 Cent left before the police arrived.

Ann Nevins (Judge) ordered 50 Cent to return to court because of messages he posted on Instagram over a couple of months. Judge Ann believed that 50 Cent did not provide clear information about his financial situation and pointed out his posts showing stacks of money. In March 2016, James Jackson announced that he would no longer use Instagram and handed over control of his profile to someone else.

50 Cent Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $40 Million which he has earned through his successful career as a rapper, entrepreneur, and actor.

50 Cent Education

50 Cent is a proud alumnus of Andrew Jackson High School and Campus Magnet Building (formerly Andrew Jackson High School). There is no more information about his educational background, but there will be an update as soon as he mentions anything about his education to the public.

50 Cent Career (Music & Acting) | Awards

In the year 2000, 50 Cent started his music career by creating an album called “Power of the Dollar” for Columbia Records. However, just before its release, he was shot and the album never came out. In the year 2002, 50 Cent gained attention after releasing a mixtape called “Guess Who’s Back?” This led to him being discovered by Eminem and signed to Shady Records, which is part of Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records.

His 1st big album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” was a huge success. It had 2 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart: “In da Club” and “21 Questions” featuring Nate Dogg. The album sold a lot of copies and was certified 9 times Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In the same year, 50 Cent also started his own record label called G-Unit Records. He signed his associates Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, & Tony Yayo to the label, and together they formed the rap group G-Unit.

50 Cent continued to have success with his second album, “The Massacre.” It had a popular single called “Candy Shop” featuring Olivia. Over the years, 50 Cent has changed his musical style, and he is currently working on his sixth studio album. Besides music, he has also worked as an actor. He appeared in movies like “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” “Home of the Brave,” and “Righteous Kill.”

Throughout his career, 50 Cent has sold more than 30 million albums globally and was awarded many awards. He holds a Primetime Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, 13 Billboard Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards, 6 World Music Awards, and 4 BET Awards. As an actor, he appeared in movies like the war film “Home of the Brave”, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” which was based on his own life, and the crime thriller “Righteous Kill.”

According to Billboard, 50 Cent became the 6th-best artist of the 2000s and the 3rd-best rapper (after Nelly and Eminem). Rolling Stone also recognized his album “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” and his song “In da Club” in their lists of the best albums and songs of the 2000s, ranking them at number 13 and 37, respectively. In the year 2023, Billboard ranked 50 Cent as the 17th-best rapper of all time.

50 Cent Power | Power Book II: Ghost

50 Cent is one of the main cast of the American crime drama TV series, Power, and its sequel, Power Book II: Ghost. He portrays the role of Kanan Stark in the series. He acts as a drug dealer and used to be a mentor to Ghost and Tommy. However, they became rivals later on. Before the events of the series, Ghost and Tasha framed him, leading to him being sent to prison for 10 years.

The show revolves around a man named James “Ghost” St. Patrick, who seems to have it all – a beautiful wife, a luxurious penthouse in Manhattan, and success as the owner of a popular nightclub called Truth. However, beneath the surface, he lives a double life. When he’s not managing his successful business, he’s secretly involved in a drug empire that caters to the wealthy and influential.

Ghost’s loyal friend, Tommy, does everything he can to protect their lucrative drug business. But Ghost’s perspective begins to shift when he sees Truth as more than just a front for money laundering. He sees it as a chance to leave the drug world behind and have a legitimate life with his family, even though this decision unknowingly puts everything he loves at risk. The show “Power” is co-executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and created by Courtney Kemp Agboh, known for her work on “The Good Wife.”

50 Cent stars alongside many other main cast members in the series “Power”, such as;

50 Cent Businesses

James Jackson has been very successful in his business career. He has invested his money in a wide range of industries. Now he works as a manager of artists and talents and produces television shows, records, and films. He also has businesses related to clothing, footwear, dietary supplements, fragrances, video games, liquor, mobile apps, headphones, book publishing, and health drinks. He has a diverse portfolio that includes investments in financial markets, real estate, mining, vodka, fashion, boxing promotion, fragrances, and consumer electronics.

50 Cent G-Unit

After achieving mainstream success, James Jackson established his own record label called G-Unit Records in 2003. He expanded his business ventures by signing a five-year deal with Reebok in November 2003. This deal allowed him to distribute a line of G-Unit Sneakers for his G-Unit Clothing Company. In an interview, 50 Cent mentioned that all of his businesses, past and present, revolve around his alter ego and have been successful. Additionally, James Jackson ventured into the world of book publishing. On January 4, 2007, he began “G-Unit Books” (a publishing imprint) at the Time Warner Building in NY.

50 Cent Formula 50

One of 50 Cent’s early business projects was working with Glacéau to develop a special water drink called “Formula 50”. In October 2004, he became an investor in the beverage company. They gave him a small ownership stake in the company because they discovered that he liked their drink and wanted him to promote it as their spokesperson.

50 Cent Mining Business

In the year 2008, 50 Cent went to South Africa and visited a mine where they extract palladium, platinum, and iridium. He had discussions with a South African billionaire named Patrice Motsepe about buying a share of the mine. After the meeting, 50 Cent thought about investing in the mine and creating his own brand of platinum called “50 Cent-branded platinum.”

50 Cent Political Affiliation

In the year 2005, James Jackson showed his support for President George W. Bush. This happened when another rapper named Kanye West criticized Bush for not responding quickly enough to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. However, after half a year, 50 Cent changed his support and started to support Barack Obama. He mentioned in an interview with MTV News that Obama’s speeches were impressing. Eventually, though, 50 Cent lost interest in politics.

50 Cent Drugs / Narcotics

Although 50 Cent’s songs often talk about drugs and alcohol, he actually chooses not to drink any alcohol. He had a negative experience with alcohol in the past, which is why he made this decision. When he was just 12 years old, 50 Cent started selling drugs. He would pretend to go to after-school programs, but instead, he was part of a drug dealership and even brought guns and drug money to school.

However, he got caught in the tenth grade when metal detectors at Andrew Jackson High School discovered the weapons. He felt embarrassed about getting arrested in that way. After the arrest, he decided to stop hiding his involvement in selling drugs and started openly telling his grandmother about it.

50 Cent Arrest

James Jackson was arrested on June 29, 1994, because he sold 4 small containers of cocaine to a police officer who was a secret agent (undercover). After 3 weeks, the police searched his home and found heroin, a type of strong drug, 10 ounces (283.495 grams) of crack cocaine, and a starter’s pistol. Although he was given a sentence of 3 to 9 years in prison, he only served half a year in a special training camp. During his time there, he earned a diploma that is equivalent to completing high school. According to 50 Cent, he didn’t consume the cocaine.

In another incident, on December 31, 2002, around 2 a.m., 50 Cent and 4 people with him were arrested. The police found a small handgun and a larger handgun in a parked car, which they searched because its windows were darkly tinted. 50 Cent was arrested for having illegal possession of these weapons.

On July 22, 2005, 50 Cent received a sentence of two years of probation for an incident that took place in May 2004. During a performance, someone threw a water bottle at him, and he jumped into the audience in response. As a result, he faced three charges of assault and battery.

50 Cent Boxing

50 Cent started boxing when he was around 11 years old, and when he turned 14, a neighbor opened a boxing gym for local young people. Instead of spending time in school, he would either train in the gym or sell drugs on the street. Even during his primary school years, he was involved in selling drugs. He saw boxing as a competitive sport, and he believed that hip-hop, just like boxing, had a competitive nature. He thought that rappers trained themselves mentally, just like boxers, and each rapper felt like they were the best.

On July 21, 2012, he became a licensed boxing promoter when he established his new company called TMT (The Money Team). He was authorized to promote boxing matches in New York and was in the process of getting licensed in Nevada, where many significant fights take place in the United States. As a former amateur boxer himself, he signed contracts with the former featherweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist, Yuriorkis Gamboa, and an Olympic middleweight medalist, Andre Dirrell.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (famous boxer) signed Billy Dib, the IBF featherweight champion, on July 29, 2012. They announced their plans to challenge the dominance of mixed martial arts in terms of popularity and bring changes to the world of boxing through TMT Promotions. Another boxer, Zab Judah, also showed interest in making a deal with him. In December 2012, Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent went their separate ways, and 50 Cent took over the promotion company. He then founded SMS Promotions, which included boxers such as Dirrell, Gamboa, Dib, Luis Olivares, James Kirkland, and Donte Strayhorn in his group of fighters.

50 Cent Bankruptcy

On July 13, 2015, 50 Cent asked for legal protection from bankruptcy in a court in Connecticut, USA. He owed $32,509,549.91. The court allowed a creditor to continue a trial against 50 Cent in a NY court for damages related to a private video that was released, on July 17, 2015. In his bankruptcy documents, 50 Cent claimed that his assets were worth between $10 million and $50 million, but when he testified under oath, he said he was worth $4.4 million. 50 Cent’s bankruptcy lawyers later explained that he filed for bankruptcy because he had accumulated over $20 million in legal fees and judgments over the past year.

In his bankruptcy filing, 50 Cent listed 32 companies that he has a share in. He filed for bankruptcy shortly after being ordered by a jury to pay $5 million to Lastonia Leviston, rapper Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend, for posting a sex tape of her online without her permission. He also lost a legal dispute over his Sleek headphones business, where he had invested over $2 million. A former business partner accused 50 Cent of stealing the design of the “Sleek by 50” headphones, and a judge awarded the partner more than $17.2 million.

50 Cent’s bankruptcy documents mentioned that he owns seven cars worth over $500,000, including a 2010 Rolls-Royce and a 1966 Chevrolet Coupe. His monthly expenses amount to $108,000, which includes $5,000 for gardening. He earns a monthly income of $185,000 from royalties and his external businesses and investments. He also owes money to his stylist, barber, and fitness coach.

The bankruptcy documents also revealed that 50 Cent sold the rights to collect royalties from his music. He sold half of the rights to a British music company called Kobalt Music Group for $3 million and the other half for another $3 million. These deals allowed 50 Cent to own all the rights to his music recordings while only paying for distribution.

During the bankruptcy proceedings, James Jackson filed a $75 million lawsuit against his own lawyers, accusing them of doing a poor job in representing him. He blamed them for the failure of his Sleek Audio headphones business and criticized another law firm, Garvey Schubert Barer, for not having the necessary knowledge and skills to handle his case.

50 Cent Lawsuits

Use Of Name

In the year 2008, 50 Cent took legal action against Taco Bell because they ran an advertisement asking him to temporarily change his name from “50 Cent” to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent,” or “99 Cent” to match their food prices. They offered to donate $10,000 to a charity of his choosing. However, the lawsuit was resolved without going to court.

Use Of Image

On July 21, 2007, James Jackson took legal action against an advertising company called Traffix in Pearl River, New York. He claimed that they used his picture in a promotion that put his safety at risk. One of his staff members alerted him to an internet advertisement on a Myspace page. The advertisement featured a cartoon image of the rapper with a message saying, “Shoot the rapper and you will win $5000 or 5 ringtones guaranteed”.

Even though the ad didn’t mention his name, the image looked like him and implied that he supported the product. The lawsuit described the ad as “awful, terrible, and tasteless” because it used 50 Cent’s image and encouraged violence against him. He asked for unspecified punitive damages and a permanent order to stop using his image without permission.

Bamba Sample

In the year 2016, a judge ruled that Brandon Parrott gave James Jackson and Dr. Dre permission to use the song “Bamba” in their song called “P.I.M.P.”

Janitor Incident

In May 2016, while at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, 50 Cent insulted and mistreated a janitor. He accused the janitor, named Andrew Farrell, who was a teenager with hearing impairments and autism, of being intoxicated. Andrew’s parents saw a video of this incident that went viral and felt that it was disrespectful towards their child. They wanted to sue 50 Cent for his actions. Initially, they sought a lawsuit for over one million dollars, but eventually, they agreed to settle the matter. As part of the settlement, 50 Cent made a $100,000 donation to Autism Speaks and issued an apology.

Other Criminal Issues

In the year 2020, 50 Cent was part of a controversial incident. He appeared in a viral video where he gave money to a Burger King restaurant in NYC on behalf of a local scammer. However, the scammer was later arrested and was charged with Bitcoin scams, kidnapping, and assault on April 24, 2021.

50 Cent Other Controversies

a). With Cam’ron

In the year 2007, problems between Cam’ron (former Diplomat) and James Jackson began when they had a heated argument on The Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97 radio. During the show, 50 Cent expressed his opinion that the music division of Koch Entertainment (now known as MNRK Music Group) was not successful, implying that major record labels did not want to work with artists from that label.

Afterward, 50 Cent released a song called “Funeral Music” where he suggested that Cam’ron was no longer fit to lead The Diplomats and that Jim Jones should take his place. In response, Cam’ron released 2 songs titled “Curtis Pt. II” and “Curtis”. In these songs, he not only made fun of 50 Cent’s first name but also mocked his appearance, referring to him as “a gorilla with rabbit teeth.”

b). With Rick Ross

50 Cent and the famous rapper, Rick Ross, once had a conflict that started with an alleged incident at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards. Despite that, 50 Cent claimed he couldn’t remember seeing Rick Ross there when asked by the media. Later that same month, a song called “Mafia Music” by Rick Ross was leaked on the internet, with lyrics that seemed to insult James Jackson.

Before going to Venezuela, James Jackson shared a video called “Warning Shot” the 1st in a series of cartoons called “Officer Ricky.” In early Feb, he posted a video on YouTube where he interviewed “Tia,” the mother of one of Ross’ children. According to her, Rick Ross actually worked as a correctional officer in real life, contrary to his image.

c). The Game

James Jackson and The Game were once close. Despite that, their relationship changed after The Game released his very 1st album, “The Documentary”. 50 Cent felt betrayed when The Game expressed his unwillingness to get involved in G-Unit’s conflicts with other rappers like Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and Nas. The Game also showed interest in working with artists who were in conflict with G-Unit. As a result, 50 Cent publicly removed The Game from G-Unit during a Hot 97 interview. Following the announcement, The Game and his entourage tried to enter the building.

Afterward, The Game recorded a diss track called “300 Bars and Runnin'” targeting both Roc-A-Fella Records and G-Unit. The diss track was included in the mixtape “You Know What It Is Volume 3”. James Jackson responded with a music video for his song “Piggy Bank,” where he portrayed The Game as Mr. Potato Head and mocked other rivals as well.

In October 2006, “The Game” made a peace offer to James Jackson, but it was not immediately accepted. However, just 2 days later, The Game mentioned on Power 106 radio that the peace offer was only valid for that one day. In some songs on his album Doctor’s Advocate, The Game hinted that the feud was over. He later stated in July 2009 that the feud had ended with the help of Diddy and Michael Jackson. The Game also apologized for his previous actions during that time.

d). Ja Rule

50 Cent was involved in a public dispute with Ja Rule (famous rapper) and his label, Murder Inc. Records, prior to signing with Interscope Records. The conflict started when James Jackson claimed that a friend of his had stolen jewelry from Ja Rule. In response, Ja Rule accused James Jackson of planning the robbery.

Ja Rule believed that the disagreement arose from a video shoot in Queens, where James Jackson didn’t like seeing Ja Rule receive a lot of admiration from the neighborhood. In May 2011, it was confirmed that the feud between Jackson AKA 50 Cent, and Ja Rule come to an end. Ja Rule stated that they were no longer enemies and that they would never collaborate on any music together.

However, on August 7, 2015, the feud between the 2 rappers reignited when Ja Rule commented on a social media post about a dispute between Drake and Meek Mill. This enraged James Jackson, who responded with photos and comments on Instagram, taking Drake’s side in the feud. The conflict resurfaced again on January 19, 2018, when Ja Rule called out 50 Cent on Twitter, sparking another round of public disagreement between them.

50 Cent Books / Author

James Jackson has written several books, including a memoir titled “From Pieces to Weight” in 2005, which sold 73,000 hardcover copies and 14,000 paperback copies. He also co-authored a crime novel and collaborated with Robert Greene on a book called “The 50th Law,” which offered an urban perspective on “The 48 Laws of Power.” In November 2011, he released a young adult fiction novel, “50 Cent’s Playground,” which tells the story of a bullied boy and his lesbian mom.

Below are James Jackson’s books;

  • The 50th Law (2009)
  • Playground (2011)
  • Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter (2020)
  • Formula 50: A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life (2012)
  • The Ski Mask Way (2007)
  • From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens (2005)
  • The Diamond District (2008)
  • Blow (2007)
  • Heaven’s Fury (2007)
  • Derelict (2007)

50 Cent Albums

Solo Albums

Below are James Jackson’s song albums;

  • The Massacre (2005)
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2003)
  • Curtis (2007)
  • Animal Ambition (2014)
  • Before I Self Destruct (2009)
  • Collaborative albums

Collaborative albums

  • T·O·S (Terminate on Sight) (with G-Unit) (2008)
  • Beg for Mercy (with G-Unit) (2003)

50 Cent Songs

Below are some of James Jackson’s songs that have not been mentioned above;

  • Disco Inferno
  • I’m The Man
  • Poppin’ Them Thangs
  • Straight to the Bank
  • Wanna Get to Know You
  • Just A Lil Bit
  • Many Men
  • Intro
  • Ayo Technology
  • Si Salimos

50 Cent Movies and TV Shows


Below are some of James Jackson’s films he has appeared;

  • Expend4bles
  • Transport
  • Den of Thieves 2: Pantera
  • Escape Plan
  • Den of Thieves
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  • Southpaw
  • Spy
  • The Prince
  • Vengeance

TV Shows

Below are some of James Jackson’s television shows he has appeared;

  • Supreme Team
  • Power Book II: Ghost
  • Hip Hop Uncovered
  • For Life
  • 50 Central

50 Cent Social Media Platforms

He is active on his social media accounts and is often seen posting on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has over 29.3M followers on Instagram.

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