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Ben Domenech Biography

Ben Domenech is an American conservative writer, blogger, and television commentator. As the co-founder and the publisher of The Federalist, he is the host of The Federalist Radio Hour and writes The Transom, a daily subscription newsletter for political insiders. He also co-founded the RedState group blog.

Ben Domenech Age

Domenech is 39 years as of 2021. He was born on January 1, 1982, in Jackson, South Carolina. He is of Puerto Rican and Dutch-Irish descent. He celebrates his birthday on January 1st every year.

Ben Domenech Height

Details of his actual height have not been disclosed to the public yet.

Ben Domenech Family

Domenech is the son of Douglas Domenech (father) and Jeanne Schram (mother). Through his marriage, he is the son-in-law to John McCain and Cindy McCain.

Ben Domenech Married and Wife

He is happily married to the love of his life Meghan McCain an American columnist, author, co-host of The View, and an ABC News contributor. McCain is the daughter of John McCain, a presidential candidate in 2008, and Cindy McCain, a U.S. senator. They married on November 21, 2017, in a small ceremony attended by their immediate family members.

Previous Wife

He was previously married to Caroline Seaton Powell ​from 2003 to 2009. Later he married​ Christine Elizabeth Klima in 2010 but unfortunately, this too ended in divorce.

Ben Domenech Photo
Ben Domenech Photo

Ben Domenech Children

Ben’s wife Meghan McCain announced on 22nd March 2020 that she is pregnant after suffering a miscarriage. Their daughter, Liberty Sage, was born in 2020.

Ben Domenech’s Net worth

Domenech has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars, which he has earned through his career as a conservative writer, blogger, and television commentator.

Ben Domenech Salary

Details of his annual salary are still under review.

Ben Domenech Education

Domenech went to George Mason University and later the College of William and Mary.

Ben Domenech Career

Domenech’s NRO segment recapped political syndicated programs on TV. “Assuming that there was a Top 10 rundown of youthful Loudoun County individuals to watch, he’d be on it. What’s more, concur with him or not, you would be unable to reject that Domenech is a sharp author with an undeniable order of his public legislative issues beat- – particularly thinking about that this is the primary year he is qualified to cast a ballot,” a Washington Post journalist wrote in a Loudoun County, Virginia territorial release of the paper.

The Post profile noticed: “A hopeful government major, Domenech said he is uninterested in holding elective office, going to graduate school or turning into a strategy wonk. ‘I’m substantially more satisfied rambling my viewpoints and being paid for it,’ he said. ‘I know that sounds frightfully juvenile, yet at the same it’s valid.'”

Domenech was the most youthful ever political representative of the George W. Bramble organization. His dad, Douglas Domenech, had stood firm on a few mid-level footings in the Bush organization. Ben Domenech later functioned as a speech specialist for Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Domenech hence functioned as contributing supervisor for the National Review Online, trailed by two years as boss speech specialist for the United States Senator John Cornyn (R-TX). He was additionally a manager at Regnery Publishing, where he altered books by Michelle Malkin, Ramesh Ponnuru, and Hugh Hewitt.

In March 2006, Domenech was named as a blogger for The Washington Post, employed to add to the paper’s perspective pages according to a moderate perspective. Liberal and left-of-focus bloggers fought Doemenech’s arrangement, referring to what they viewed as unseemly remarks on his blog.

In addition to other things, Domenech considered illustrator Ted Rall a “steaming sack of discharge”; portrayed Teresa Heinz Kerry, the spouse of previous Secretary of State John Kerry, as a “strangely molded self-important ketchup-shaded muppet”; considered Pat Robertson a “decrepit, insane old moron”; and named’s “White House Briefing” journalist Dan Froomkin “a shame.” The Post, in any case, promised to remain by Domenech.

On March 21, 2006, just three days into his arrangement, Domenech surrendered his situation after proof surfaced that he had before copied work that had initially showed up in The New Yorker, The Washington Post, the National Review, and various different distributions. The Post said it had close to zero familiarity with his copyright infringement when the paper recruited him.

Jim Brady, then, at that point, leader editorial manager of, said he would have terminated Domenech had he not first proposed to stop on the grounds that the claims of literary theft made it important to “cut off the relationship.”

During the 2008 political race, Domenech composed various sections for both Human Events and for The Washington Times. During the 2012 political decision, Domenech remarked broadly on friendly and monetary issues connected with Occupy Wall Street for The Heritage Foundation.

Domenech was the overseeing supervisor of medical services strategy at The Heartland Institute, composing various sections pushing abrogating the Affordable Care Act, famously known as “Obamacare”, and protecting Republican other options. The Heartland Institute itself, during this time, was supported partially by Philip Morris and other tobacco organizations, which at the time were working in the background to overcome Obamacare.

On February 7, 2013, Domenech showed up on a Heartland digital broadcast, during which he talked with regards to how, in his view, smokers were being singled out for rate climbs, and other unreasonable treatment under Obamacare, a position long held by Philip Morris and other tobacco organizations. Domenech contended on the digital broadcast that smokers are bound to kick the bucket sooner than others, and subsequently are less expensive to the insurance agencies and the public authority.


Domenech additionally started to post, around this equivalent timeframe, consistently on RedState and started his very own blog, “this is an experience”.

Ben Domenech The Federalist

In September 2013, Domenech, alongside Luke Sherman and Sean Davis, helped to establish The Federalist; senior editors incorporate David Harsanyi and Mollie Hemingway.

Domenech said at the time that The Federalist was enlivened by the mission and perspective of the first Time Magazine’s editorial manager, Henry Luce, which he portrayed as, “[leaning] to the political right, with a little c traditionalism outfitted with an egalitarian regard for the working class peruser outside of New York and Washington, and a withstanding love for America when nastiness and negativity were not viewed alternative for savvy investigation.”

The Federalist is possessed by a privately owned business and hence has not been expected to uncover the personalities of its monetary benefactors. Domenech and different organizers of the moderate site have wouldn’t do as such. BuzzFeed News has announced that the site’s financing has provoked “a lot of hypothesis in the political media world.”

BuzzFeed further brought up that “the Federalist has been fearlessly misty regarding its accounts. The site is possessed by a privately owned business and doesn’t need to reveal its proprietorship or financing structure; its parent organization, FDRLST Media, was fused as a restricted risk organization in Delaware in 2016.”

In Politico, Reid Cherlin wrote in 2014 that The Federalist merited acclaim for “seek[ing] to dive deep on the issues and influence the discussion in Washington.” Matt K. Lewis wrote in The Week that moderate internet-based media was split between “sullen, august distributions” and “another age of disrespectful destinations,” and that “[s]ites like The Federalist attempt to overcome any issues by giving genuine discourse that is regularly composed by youthful, mainstream society astute authors.”

In Bloomberg Politics, political author Dave Weigel well noticed that The Federalist every now and again reprimands left-inclining distributions, but on the other hand, was established fully intent on being “a wellspring of unique meetings and ongoing contentions among traditionalists and freedom advocates.”

In May 2018, Damon Linker of The Week portrayed The Federalist as “a main disseminator of favorable to Trump tricks and up-is-down, funhouse-reflect mutilations of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s examination concerning Russian political race intruding and potential Trump association.”

Further remarking on The Federalist, Linker stated: “It is just since the political decision that frenzied Republican hardliners in the organization, in Congress, and in the media have effectively shed such antiquated standards of public life like worries for appropriateness, amazing skill, and honesty – all in the work to shield a completely compromised president from being required to confront the lawful investigation his own conduct and deals properly instant.

In this regard, in any event, The Federalist is a site at the vanguard of a completely Trumpified Republican Party.”

In August 2020, Jeremy Peters of the New York Times composed that, under Domenech, “The Federalist has been probably the greatest breakout… jumping heedlessly into the way of life wars… Its pieces have scrutinized the Me Too development… furthermore called the work to perceive transsexual character a ‘battle on ladies.'”

Peters composed that Mollie Hemingway, a senior editorial manager of the Federalist, is “one of Mr. Trump’s top choices.. Her pieces… have procured official retweets and certification for their scorching analysis of Democrats and the news media, whom she blames for lying about pretty much everything with regards to the president.

As of late, she guaranteed that columnists had created reports about nerve gas and the unnecessary utilization of power against dissenters outside the White House (regulation implementation, truth be told, has recognized shooting a pepper-based aggravation into the group).” Domenech, Hemingway, and other staff for the Federalist “offer a source for a shock against those the president has proclaimed his foes, regularly by diminishing them to a culture war cartoon of progressivism.”

In June 2020, Domenech was conceded an Oval Office interview with President Donald Trump during which Trump scrutinized the steadfastness and enthusiasm of his political enemies.

Ben Domenech Controversies


The Washington Post’s web-based arm recruited Domenech to compose a blog giving “a day-by-day blend of critique, examination, and social analysis”. The decision was reprimanded by Media Matters for America, asserting that ” there were, in any case, no dynamic bloggers-and nobody left of focus with the qualifications of a political usable on to give an equilibrium to Domenech.”

The Instapundit organizer Glenn Reynolds told the New York Times that Domenech’s arrangement pulled out of resentment “since he was a moderate and he was given land at The Washington Post” and this drove bloggers to find “something they could use to dispose of him.”

On March 21, 2006, Red America was sent off yet Domenech surrendered three days after the fact after just six posts after different bloggers posted proof that Domenech had appropriated work from the Washington Post, The New Yorker, comedian P. J. O’Rourke, and a few different authors.

P.J. denied the case by Ben that the comedian had conceded authorization to utilize his words, adding that he was unable to review truly meeting the understudy.

Domenech’s school paper editors, The Flat Hat, denied charges by Domenech that one example of copyright infringement was on the grounds that the editors had “embedded a section from The New Yorker in an article without his insight,” saying that “Mr Domenech’s activities, if valid, [were] profoundly hostile.”

On March 24, 2006, the editors of the National Review affirmed on its blog The Corner that Domenech seemed to have counterfeited for something like one article he had composed for that distribution. Jim Brady, Washington Post’s web-based editorial manager declared Domenech’s abdication saying “an examination concerning these charges of counterfeiting was progressing, and meanwhile, Domenech has surrendered, as of now.”

After at first denying the literary theft charges, Domenech apologized, writing in a RedState post named “Penitence,” that “there is not a good reason for this… I trust that nothing I’ve done as a youngster or in my expert life will consider severely the development and standards I have confidence in.”

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