Galey Alix (HGTV) Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Ex-Fiance, and Net Worth

Galey Alix Biography

Galey Alix is an American TV Personality, Interior Designer, DIY Home Renovation Expert, and Content Creator well-known for appearing in HGTV’s “Home in a Heartbeat”. She is also known as a Wall Street executive, and for owning “Galey Alix Design”.

Alix had a successful career in finance, working at Goldman Sachs for over ten years. After that, she decided to try designing and decorating a 10,000 sq. ft. mansion in Connecticut. While working on another house, she couldn’t find the right contractors or designers, so she did the work herself. In one year, while juggling her full-time job, planning a wedding, and taking 52 round trips between Florida and Connecticut, Alix taught herself construction and design skills like wood cutting, tile work, and installing lighting.

Galey Alix Age

Alix is 30 years old as of 2023. She was born on November 11, 1993, in Gainesville, Florida, United States. She therefore celebrates her birthday on the 11th of November every year.

Galey Alix Height

Alix stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Galey Alix Family

Alix was born to Nikolaus D Gravenstein (father) and Galey Hoover Gravenstein (mother) – this is according to the website. Her dad works as an anesthesiologist. She grew up in Gainesville, Florida alongside her 3 younger siblings, Karling (sister), Michael (brother), and Nikolaus (brother). All her siblings work in the healthcare field.

Galey Alix Boyfriend / Dating

Alix is in a relationship with a guy by the name of Dale Moss. He is a TV personality (appeared in Season 16 of The Bachelorette) and a former football player. They revealed their dating to the public in June 2022. In an interview, Alix once said that she was the one who started things with Dale. She stated that she listened to his podcast and liked what he said about different things, so, she sent him a message on Instagram.

Galey Alix
Galey Alix

Galey Alix Ex-Fiancé | Mental Health

Alix was once engaged to a guy whose name is unknown. They first met in New York when Alix was at a work event. Their love was so strong that they were also planning for a wedding. However, just before their wedding, and a week after quitting her job and moving to Connecticut, Alix could not keep it to herself anymore. She told her fiancé about her struggles with bulimia and anorexia and said she needed to see a therapist for help. Her fiancé decided to call off the engagement and cancel the wedding plans because he felt Alix had not been honest with him about her struggles. Information about her struggles and illness is down on this page.

Alix says that the breakup was really tough for her. She had to go back to Florida with her dogs, without her fiancé, her job, her health, and the home she’d worked so hard on. It was the worst time in her life. She knew she had to focus on her mental health, so she deleted Instagram from her phone and started seeing a therapist and a nutritionist. “I felt really hopeless,” she says. “And I needed help.” A few months later, she felt better and decided to go back on Instagram. She expected to get a lot of questions about her breakup, but instead, she found she had a lot of new followers who wanted her to design their homes.

Galey Alix Net Worth

Alix has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million and $3 Million which she has earned through her successful career as a TV Personality and Interior Designer.

Galey Alix Anorexia | Illness

Alix has been battling a severe eating disorder for a long time, dealing with both anorexia and bulimia. She also struggles with perfectionism, which she sees as a separate problem from her eating disorder, though she thinks they often go together. During this time, she pushed herself too hard to make everything perfect, and it affected her eating in a dangerous way. Like many with eating disorders, Alix kept her struggles to herself because eating disorders thrive in secrecy. She felt ashamed and believed she didn’t need to tell anyone. But keeping secrets made her even sicker.

Galey Alix Home in a Heartbeat

Alix is the host of the HGTV reality show, “Home in a Heartbeat”, which premiered on April 19, 2023, and has released 8 episodes. On the show, Alix works on kids’ rooms, an office, and a bedroom, to finish a home, which about 3 years ago, Alix finished renovating the couple’s main living areas.

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Galey Alix Business

Alix is the CEO and finance executive of her design company called “Galey Alix Design”. She works at her company full-time from Monday through Friday and transforms homes on Saturdays and Sundays. Planning these projects takes months, with many late nights and a lot of determination. However, to Alix, seeing how these designs change her clients’ lives makes it all worth it. She has transformed over 100 spaces, and her work has captivated 4.5 M social media followers worldwide. Through her show, “Home in A Heartbeat”, she has turned her pain into her purpose by surprising families with beautiful home makeovers. For home renovations, you can click visit her website HERE.

Galey Alix Social Media Platforms

She is active on her social media accounts and is often seen posting on her Instagram and Facebook. She has over 1.7M followers on Instagram and over 372K followers on Facebook.

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