Hershii LiqCour-Jeté(Drag Race) Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Net Worth, and Salary

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Biography

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté is an American media personality and drag performer who is best known for competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 16. This show season 16 premiered on January 5, 2024.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Age

LiqCour-Jeté is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born on 28th November 1990 and celebrates her birthday each year on 28th November.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Height

LiqCour-Jeté stands at an approximate height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Family

LiqCour-Jeté was born and raised in the United States to Danna Ingram(mother). She is close to her mother as she often posts her photos on her social media account.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Husband

LiqCour-Jeté is in a romantic relationship with Lasalle Ellis. She has two children a son and a daughter and she often posts their photos on her social media account.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Net Worth

LiqCour-Jeté has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million and $5 Million which she has earned through her successful career as a media personality, and drag performer.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté's photo
Hershii LiqCour-Jeté’s photo

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté Career

LiqCour-Jeté is a contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16 and her drag entrance quote is”I… did not prepare for this.”. She is a drag sister to Kornbread “The Snack” Jeté a contestant of the season 14 RuPaul’s Drag Race. Calypso Jeté Balmain is her drag mother and she was part of the House of Balmain where she won the Legendary ballroom competition for the first season. LiqCour-Jeté wore her sister’s prom dress and an eyeshadow palette for $1 during her first drag show that was held in St. Louis. Her inspiration came from drag queen Tyler Perry’s “Madea when she was a kid.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté RuPaul’s Drag Race

LiqCour-Jeté calls herself the “ethereal elf goddess of Brooklyn”. She is one of the competitors of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 16. During the first episode, she was one of the last two contestants, and she therefore lip sync an initial track. She was compared to Lucille Ball by the judges because of her unusual behavior and appearance in a way that was attractive and interesting.

She was called “out of left field in all the right ways” by Rolling Stone’s Tomás Mier because she showed some of the best looks in the premiere. Sasha Velour being her best drag race winner is also her biggest inspiration. She is an admirer of Taylor Swift and she is also inspired by Betsey Johnson who is a fashion designer. Her all-time favorite performance is “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté RuPaul’s Drag Race

LiqCour-Jeté is working at RuPaul’s Drag Race where she works alongside other famous drag performers including;

  1. Amanda Tori Meating
  2. Dawn
  3. Geneva Karr
  4. Megami
  5. Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige
  6. Morphine Love Dion
  7. Mirage Amuro
  8. Nymphia Wind
  9. Plane Jane
  10. Plasma
  11. Sapphira Cristál
  12. Xunami Muse

Hershii LiqCour-Jeté’s Social Media Platforms

She is active on her social media accounts and is often seen posting on her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She has over 23.9 followers on Instagram.

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