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Robert Knepper Biography

Robert Knepper (born Robert Lyle Knepper) is an American actor who is best known for playing Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell in the Fox drama series Prison Break (2005–2009, 2017), Samuel Sullivan in the final season of NBC’s Heroes (2009–2010), Angus McDonough in The CW’s iZombie (2015–2018), among others.

Robert Knepper Age

Knepper is 62 years old as of 2021, he was born Robert Lyle Knepper on July 8, 1959, in Fremont, Ohio, U.S.

Robert Knepper Height

Knepper stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m).

Robert Knepper Family

Knepper was born in Fremont, Ohio, United States, and was raised in Maumee, Ohio, United States. Pat Deck and Donald Knepper are his parents. He has however not disclosed if he has any siblings.

Robert Knepper Wife

Knepper has been married twice. He was married to Tory Herald, whom they have a son Benjamin Peter (born in 2002). The two divorced in 2009 and he married his second wife, Nadine Kary, in 2013.

Robert Knepper Net Worth

Knepper is an American actor who has an estimated net worth of $2 million, which he has earned through his successful career as an actor.

Robert Knepper Photo
Robert Knepper Photo

Robert Knepper Education

Robert graduated from Maumee High School in 1977. He subsequently went to Northwestern University, where he got professional acting roles in Chicago plays. Knepper transferred just as his degree was about to be completed and moved to work in theater in New York City.

Robert Knepper Career

Knepper began his film and television career in 1986 with The game and that is Life!, despite never intending to work in the industry. Knepper went on to have more prominent roles in films such as A Wild Issue, Young Guns II, Once the Limb Breaks, and Everyone Says I Like You. He made appearances on The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: The Next Generation, ER, and Law & Order, among other shows. Knepper was solid in his renowned role as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell in Prison Break in 2005, when he was still a regular on HBO’s Carnivàle. When the series first aired, it got good reviews, and “T-Bag” is widely regarded as one of the greatest television villains of all time. The break was imprisoned for a long period.

Knepper also appeared in the films Good Night, and Good Luck, Hitman, Transporter 3, and The Day the Earth Stood Still, among others. Knepper was cast as villain Samuel Sullivan in the fourth and final season of Heroes after Prison Break ended in 2009, and he went on to have a recurring part in Stargate Universe in 2010. In season six of Criminal Minds, he played Rhett Walden, a manslayer, as a guest role. In the same year, he competes for the title role in the film adaptation of Burning Daylight. Knepper also starred in two episodes of Hawaii Five-O as Hawaiian capital Police Internal Affairs detective Rex Coughlin.

In 2011, he appeared in an episode of the A&E series Prison Breaking Kings as T-Bag again. The next year, he competes as a thespian in My Method, a biopic of Claude François, a French pop singer who penned “Comme habitude,” the original version of Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way.” Knepper played Roger Reeves, an actor who plays Billy Grimm on the program Cult, in the 2013 television series Cult. After only one season, the show was canceled.

He appeared in R.I.P.D., Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and a guest appearance on The Blacklist (episode: “The Courier”) in the same year. Knepper battles malefactor Sid Rothman in the explosive compound series Mob Town, which premiered at the end of 2013. Knepper guest-starred in episodes of Arrow and The Flash in 2014 as William Tockman / Clock King, a master hacker, and time-and-motion study expert.

Knepper has been playing Angus McDonough, Blaine DeBeers’ estranged and abusive father, in iZombie since 2015. (David Anders). Knepper was promoted to the show’s main solid in season four, which was revealed in July 2017. Knepper was a standout as malefactor Rodney actor in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Later, he voiced the audiobook rendition of the show’s major epistolatory novel, dubbed the essential History of twin Peaks.

Robert Knepper Prison Break

He starred in the film portraying Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell where he appears in all five seasons of the series as a cunning, violent, and manipulative psychopath, consistently underestimated by those around him. T-Bag will stop at nothing to get what he wants and let nothing stand in his way. The series revolves around two brothers, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller); Burrows has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and Scofield devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison and clear his name.

Robert Knepper iZombie

Robert starred in the film iZombie an American supernatural procedural crime drama television series, with the role of Angus McDonough, Blaine’s estranged and abusive father whom he turned into a zombie, and who tried to force Blaine to work for him prior to becoming one of Major’s Chaos Killer victims. When the character returns as a regular in the fourth season, he becomes a religious cult leader known as “Brother Love”, preaching pro-zombie/anti-human sentiment. Angus is ultimately executed by the United States military after trying to escape the city while leading a mass breakout of his followers. Though he attempted to mend his relationship with his son, it deteriorates immediately prior to his death upon discovering Blaine manipulated and used his cult for his own ends. The film follows the adventures of a doctor-turned-zombie named Olivia “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver), a Seattle Police medical examiner who helps solve murders after eating the victims’ brains and temporarily inheriting their memories and personalities.

Robert Knepper Hitman

He appeared in the film Hitman a 2007 action-thriller film directed by Xavier Gens and based on the video game series of the same name as Yuri Markov, playing the role of Lead agent of an FSB force. He joins in the chase to capture Agent. The film revolves around Agent 47, a professional hitman, who was engineered to be an assassin by the group known as “ICA”(International Contract Agency). He becomes ensnared in a political conspiracy and finds himself pursued by both Interpol and the Russian version of the FBI.

Robert Knepper TV Shows and Movies


  • 2021 -Lena and Snowball
  • 2021- Redemption Day
  • 2021 -The Retaliators Otto
  • 2020- Battle of Defense
  • 2019 -Defended War
  • 2019 –Voice of the Nation
  • 2019 -S.W.A.T Sam
  • 2019 -The Trapped
  • 2018- Frat Pack
  • 2018- Edge of Fear
  • 2018- 1st Born
  • 2017- Badsville
  • 2016 -Hard Target 2
  • 2016 -Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
  • 2015 -The Hoarder
  • 2015 -The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
  • 2015- Cold Deck
  • 2014- Ride
  • 2014 -The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
  • 2013- R.I.P.D.
  • 2013- Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • 2012- My Way
  • 2011- Earth’s Final Hours
  • 2010- Burning Daylight
  • 2008 -Turok: Son of Stone
  • 2008- Transporter 3
  • 2008- The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • 2007 -Hitman
  • 2005 -Good Night, and Good Luck
  • 2005- Hostage
  • 2002- Topa Topa Bluffs
  • 2002- Swatters
  • 2001- Lady in the Box
  • 2000- Love & Sex


  • TBA- The Pact
  • 2021 -Nova Vita
  • 2021 -Paper Empire
  • 2017 -Twin Peaks
  • 2017 -The Orville
  • 2017 -Spirit Riding Free
  • 2017 -Dating Game Killer
  • 2016–2018 Homeland
  • 2016 -From Dusk till Dawn:
  • 2015–2018 iZombie
  • 2015 -Chicago Fire
  • 2015 -Chicago PD
  • 2015- Texas Rising
  • 2015 -Public Morals
  • 2015 -NCIS
  • 2015- American Horror Story: Hotel
  • 2014–2015 Hawaii Five-0
  • 2014 -Arrow
  • 2014 -The Flash
  • 2013 -Cult
  • 2013 -The Blacklist
  • 2013 -Mob City
  • 2012 -Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden
  • 2011- Shameless
  • 2011 -Breakout Kings
  • 2010 -Stargate Universe
  • 2010- Chase
  • 2010 -Criminal Minds
  • 2009–2010 Heroes
  • 2009 -Prison Break:
  • 2005–2009; 2017 Prison Break
  • 2005 -Point Pleasant
  • 2004 -Species III
  • 2004- CSI: Miami
  • 2003–2005 Carnivàle

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