Ben Westcott Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, CNN, Bloomberg News, Net Worth, Salary

Ben Westcott is an American producer & reporter working for Bloomberg News as an Australia Government Reporter. He is known for having served CNN for about 5 and a half years. 

Ben Westcott Biography

Ben Westcott is an American producer and reporter working for Bloomberg News as an Australia Government Reporter. He is known for having served CNN for about 5 and a half years. 

Ben Westcott Age

Westcott likes to keep his personal life private hence he has not yet disclosed the date, month, or year he was born. However, he might be in his 30’s.

Ben Westcott Height

Westcott stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Ben Westcott Family

Westcott has managed to keep his personal life away from the limelight hence he has not disclosed any information about his parents. It is also not known if Westcott has any siblings.

Ben Westcott Wife

Westcott is very private about his personal life therefore it is not known if he is in any relationship. There are also no rumors of him being in any past relationship with anyone.

Ben Westcott Net Worth

Westcott has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million – $5 Million which he has earned throughout his career as a producer.

Ben Westcott Photo
Ben Westcott Photo

Ben Westcott Salary

Westcott earns an annual salary ranging between $ 45,000 – $ 110,500.

Ben Westcott Career

Westcott serves at Bloomberg News as an Australia Government Reporter. He is known for serving CNN as a digital news producer for CNN Digital Worldwide in Hong Kong from June 2016 to December 2021. At CNN. he covered breaking news and foreign relations in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus on Australia and China. His reporting while at CNN includes covering the detention of up to a million Uyghur citizens in Xinjiang, the rise of one-man rule in China under leader Xi Jinping, and the rapid deterioration of United States-China relations during the Trump administration. Furthermore, he not only covered the pomp and ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China but also Taiwan for the legislation of same-sex marriage.

When the Chinese government was detaining Muslim Uyghurs purely because of their religion, he was part of the team that revealed the Karakax documents and he reported alongside CNN’s Ivan Watson on the issue. CNN won an award after he covered the 2019  crisis of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters being tear-gassed a situation that tore the city’s financial hub apart.

He worked in Indonesia and Australia as a journalist before he joined CNN’s Hong Kong bureau in 2016. During this time, he wrote for publications including the Canberra Times, and the South China Morning Post, he also often covered federal politics and the Australian state. Additionally, for his investigation into Australia’s misuse of taxpayer funds by local governments for the Canberra Times, he was shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious Walkey Young Australian Journalist of the Year award in 2014.

Additionally, he has contributed articles to Jakarta’s KBR68H radio station and The Australian over his seven years as a journalist. When coming to his education, he attended the RMIT University journalism school in Melbourne, Australia where he earned a degree in Journalism and Communications.

Ben Westcott CNN

Westcott has worked at CNN where he worked alongside other famous CNN anchors and reporters including;

  1. Anderson Cooper
  2. Guillermo Arduino
  3. Carl Azuz
  4. Jeffy Zeleny
  5. Julian Zelizer
  6. Jeff Zucker
  7. Vanessa Yurkevich
  8. Ryan Young
  9. Jasmine Wright
  10. Fareed Zakaria
  11. Fredricka Whitefield
  12. Whitney Wild
  13. Coy Wire
  14. Nick Watt
  15. Bill Weir
  16. Ben Wedeman
  17. Hines Ward
  18. Ivan Watson
  19. Clarissa Ward
  20. Bianna Golodryga
  21. Brooke Baldwin

Ben Westcott Social Media Platforms

Westcott is active on his social media account and is often seen posting on his Twitter. He has over 3k followers on Twitter.

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