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Jason Chaffetz is an American journalist, Political Pundit, and retired politician who serves as a commentator and contributor on The FOX News Channel. From 2009 to 2017, he was the United States Representative for Utah’s 3rd congressional district. From 2015 to 2017, Jason served as the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Jason Chaffetz Biography

Jason Chaffetz is an American journalist, Political Pundit, and retired politician who serves as a commentator and contributor on The FOX News Channel. From 2009 to 2017, he was the United States Representative for Utah’s 3rd congressional district. From 2015 to 2017, Jason served as the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Jason Chaffetz Age

Chaffetz is 54 years old as of 2021. He was born Jason E. Chaffetz on March 26, 1967, in Los Gatos, California, United States. His birthday is celebrated on 26th March every year.

Jason Chaffetz Height

Chaffetz stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches(1.70 m).

Jason Chaffetz Family

Jason is the son of John A Chaffetz, a businessman, and Margaret A. Wood, a Christian Scientist. Jason’s father died in 2012, following a brief illness. He was deeply involved with the Los Angeles Aztecs’ ownership group before his death. Jason’s father even wrote a book about a gay couple who competed on The Amazing Race called Gay Reality: The Team Guido Story. Alex Chaffetz, Chaffetz’s younger brother, now owns a media consulting firm.

Jason Chaffetz Wife

Julie Chaffetz is Chaffetz’s wife. In February 1991, the two lovebirds married in a private wedding ceremony. After dating for two years, Jason and Julie exchanged vows. They met in college thanks to a mutual friend who introduced them at a friend’s wedding. Julie was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, and is a professional plastic surgeon. Jason and his wife have two children together.

Jason Chaffetz Granddaughter

On March 3, 2018, Chaffetz welcomed his first granddaughter. He even sent out a sweet congratulatory tweet, thanking his daughter and son-in-law for allowing him to become a grandfather. When more information about Jason’s granddaughter becomes available, it will be shared.

Jason Chaffetz Photo
Jason Chaffetz Photo

Jason Chaffetz Net Worth

Chaffetz has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Jason Chaffetz Fox News Salary

Chaffetz earns an annual salary of $95,000 to $100,000.

Jason Chaffetz Education

Chaffetz attended Middle Park High School in Granby, Colorado, and California for his high school education. He then received an athletic scholarship to Brigham Young University, where he played college football between 1988 and 1989. In 1989, Jason received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from BYU’s College of Fine Arts and Communications.

House of Representatives

On January 1, 2007, preceding the 110th Congress was confirmed, Jason Chaffetz declared that he was “trying things out” for a Congressional run against six-term occupant Chris Cannon, for the Republican designation in the Third District. After nine months, on October 1, 2007, Chaffetz officially entered the race for the Republican selection.

That very day, David Leavitt gave a public statement reporting his mission had raised $100,000 to challenge Cannon. Leavitt, the sibling to famous three-term Utah lead representative and Bush Administration bureau part Mike Leavitt, dramatically increased Chaffetz in gathering pledges for that quarter. A March 2008 Deseret News/KSL TV survey by Dan Jones and Associates delivered two days before the party assemblies showed Chaffetz with 4% help.

After the almost 1200 third District representatives to the state Republican show were chosen on March 25, 2008, Chaffetz sent a mailer declaring that he would run an alternate sort of mission. He would have no paid staff, no mission office, no free suppers for delegates, no mission obligation, and no surveying. He resolved to spend somewhere in the range of $70 and $80 per delegate, telling citizens, “How you run your mission is characteristic of how you will be in office.

At the May 10, 2008 state show, Chaffetz won 59% of the third District’s representatives to Cannon’s 41%. He came two or three hundred votes shy of finishing Cannon’s vocation; had he counted 60% of the representatives, he would have won the designation without an essential. Leavitt completed a far-off third and quickly supported Cannon. Essential surveys had shown a nearby race: a May 2008 survey showed Cannon driving Chaffetz 39% to 37% among likely electors, and June 2008 survey showed likely citizens leaning toward Cannon by 44% to 40%.

On June 24, 2008, Chaffetz crushed Cannon by a vote of 60% to 40%. It was viewed as an irritating triumph as Cannon was supported by George W. Hedge, the state’s two U.S. Representatives Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett, and practically all of the state Republican foundation. Gun likewise outspent Chaffetz by 6 to 1. Gun’s essential loss prodded stress among Republican officeholders.

Chaffetz confronted Democrat Bennion Spencer in the 2008 general political race, alongside Jim Noorlander of the Constitution Party. Chaffetz’s inflexible stance against requesting reserves made some debate during the overall political race. Chaffetz said, “Until there’s change, I won’t request them.

They’re a malignant growth inside the framework and I need to extricate them.” Ultimately, Chaffetz won the political decision with 66% of the vote. In any case, he had actually secured a seat in Congress when he won the Republican assignment. The third is one of the most Republican locales in the country; in 2008 it had a Cook Partisan Voting Index of R+26. With 72 percent of the vote, Chaffetz was re-elected to a second term, defeating Democratic nominee Karen Hyer. “U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, has delivered as advertised for Utah’s 3rd District,” according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Chaffetz was elected to a third term in 2012, with 76 percent of the vote, defeating Democratic nominee Soren Simonsen, an architect and the chairman of the Salt Lake City Council. The election was a “low-key” affair in which Chaffetz was a clear favorite.

In 2014, Chaffetz was re-elected to a fourth term in a race in which he was heavily favored once again. He defeated Democratic nominee Brian Wonnacott with about 72 percent of the vote. Chaffetz won a fifth term in office in 2016, defeating Democratic nominee Stephen Tryon, a former Overstock.com executive, with roughly 74% of the vote.

Chaffetz abruptly announced on April 19, 2017, that he would not seek reelection to the United States House of Representatives or run for any other elected office in 2018. He also hinted at the time that he might not serve out the remainder of the current term. In order to recover from foot surgery, he took a three-week leave of absence from Congress. On May 18, six months into his two-year term, Chaffetz announced his retirement from the House, effective June 30. His resignation triggered Utah’s first special congressional election in 87 years, which Provo mayor John Curtis won.

Chairmanship, House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, 2014–2017

In November 2014, Chaffetz defeated four other candidates for the position of chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. After only three terms, he became only the fifth member of Congress in 89 years to become full chairman. “The pitch I made to the steering committee is we really have to triangulate the problem if we’re going to get to reform,” he told Politico. We can’t just be the highlighter pen to solve the problem in the long run. We do a good job of highlighting issues, but not so much of fixing them.

Jason Chaffetz FOX News – Chaffetz Resigns from Fox News

From 2009 to 2017, Chaffetz served as the United States Representative for Utah’s congressional district. He now works for FOX News as a political commentator and contributor. Jason formally resigned from his congressional seat in 2017 and joined FOX News the following year. He grew up as the son of a successful businessman and began his political career shortly after graduating from college.

Chaffetz then spent ten years as a public relations officer for Nu Skin International, a well-known multi-level marketing company. After meeting Ronald Reagan, who was visiting his boss at Nu Skin, he became a Republican in 1990. He applied to be a member of the US Secret Service in 2003 but was turned down.

Later, he worked as the campaign manager for Jon Huntsman, the Republican candidate for governor of Utah. Huntsman became the chief of the stand-in in January 2005 after winning. Jason went on to join the Highland City planning commission before running for Congress in 2009.

Jason Chaffetz Books

Since leaving office, he has published a number of books. His first book, The Deep State: How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama and Is Working to Destroy the Trump Agenda, was a New York Times bestseller when it was released in September 2018. He published Power Grab: The Liberal Plan to Destroy Trump, the GOP, and Our Republic the following September. Chaffetz’s third book, They Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: The Truth About Disaster Liberalism, was released in 2021, along with a podcast, Jason in the House, which commentator Jeffrey Lord called a “seriously important book.”

Jason Chaffetz FOX News

Chaffetz works at Fox News as a commentator and contributor on The FOX News Channel. At the station he works alongside other Fox News anchors who include;

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